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Structural Integration is performed in ten sessions. Each session is approximately one hour in length. It is preferable that the sessions are received, one per week for ten weeks in a row. The ten sessions are administered progressively; each session builds upon the last until complete integration of the body is achieved. The process of Structural Integration includes balancing the body in segments and achieving vertical alignment from balancing the body from front to back, side to side, top to bottom and inside to outside.

Session 1 "Restoring the Vital Capacity" work on the arm, ribs, clavicle, sternum, encouraging deeper breath.
Sidelying: Work on the pelvis, Hip flexors , Illiotibal band, hamstrings.

Session 2: Organizing the feet and back. Work on the feet, ankles, lower legs & back.

Session 3 "Free the 12th Rib" Sidelying, work on shoulder girdle, ribs. Quadratus Lumborum, lumbars, Iliac crest, hamstrings .  
Session 4: "Lengthening the inside line" Inside of leg from the ankle to the pubic ramus, working the adductors.

Session 5: Connecting the pelvis to the ribcage:  A core session, includes the Rectus Abdominus, Psoas, Pubus, Quadraceps.

Session 6: Horizontalize the pelvis: Only session lying on stomach, feet over edge of table, work from the feet up to coccyx, including the lumbars and spinal erectors.

Session 7: "Putting the head on, establishing the upper pole". Work on the upper girdle, neck, head, includes tissue release in the mouth and both nostrils (always with client's permission).

Sessions 8 & 9: "Relating to the core" One session is all lower girdle work (waist down) the other session is upper girdle. Revisiting areas we have been before to "fine tune" previous work.

Session 10: "Bringing it all together" Incorporating portions of all sessions. The goal is to help the client achieve the highest possible place of order. 


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is approximately one hour in duration.